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Neighbourhood of Old Oakville

Updated: May 8, 2021

Anyone that knows me is well aware that Oakville, Ontario, is high on my list of great places to live or invest. Oakville is a town of around 200,000 people situated on Lake Ontario between the cities of Mississauga and Burlington. Oakville is one of the most affluent towns in Canada, with the majority of homes being in the millions of dollars. There are plenty of notable neighbourhoods to live in Oakville, but the one for today’s blog is Old Oakville.

Old Oakville is the prime downtown section of the town. Take a walk along the cobblestone main street with plenty of great shops and dining options, many of which are located in beautiful historic buildings.

Knox Presbyterian Church, one of the many beautifully designed buildings in the area.

Surrounding the main street are small to large homes, each with its own uniqueness. Despite being so close to the big city, this neighbourhood is truly more like a charming small town. The mature trees and low-rise buildings that are immensely well-kept and the most beautiful homes with fantastic curb appeal add to this neighbourhood’s high status.


There are many new townhouse and low-rise townhouse developments in the neighbourhood’s shopping area which provide more affordable options compared to the area's single-family homes with prices out of reach for many people. A townhome or condominium may be a great way to live in such an expensive neighbourhood and can be an excellent investment in the future as Oakville continues to grow. For real estate developers looking to get into the area, I would recommend proposing low-rise developments. Looking around the neighbourhood, it is evident that architecture is fundamental. I think the type of developments that would fit great into this neighbourhood are high-end townhomes or low-rise condominiums, as the area is known for its affluence. I also think new commercial space with nice architectural features would sit well within this community. The main street has great shopping and dining, but steps away is more opportunity for growth that will be beneficial to residents and visitors.

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